Escape from your daily routine and connect with your inner peace surrounded by vineyards and unspoiled nature. Enjoy a very relaxed holiday and discover the surroundings of your vineyard cottage.

You can also find the current range of destinations on the following websites:

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Suggestions and links to web pages

Krka river - riverside beaches
Žužemberk – riverside beach Loka; Straža - dam; Novo mesto - Loka; Mačkovec, Otočec, Kostanjevica na Krki - near the bridge.
Boating on the Krka river, Novo mesto
Take a boat or sup on the quiet part of the Krka river near Novo mesto. Soups and boats for rent: Mestna plaža - Beach Bar Loca, Topliška cesta 2c, Novo mesto, T: +386 (0)7 39 39 263 or TIC Novo mesto, Glavni Trg 11, Novo mesto (T: +386 (0) 7 39 39 263, E:tic@novomesto.si)
Wooden raft on Krka river, Novo mesto
A ride on Rudolf's raft along the bend of the river Krka, which surrounds the old town, is a unique experience. The meeting point is at Zupančičev promenade 2. The ride takes 1.5 hours. Reservation is required at TIC Novo mesto (T: +386 (0) 7 39 39 263, E: tic@novomesto.si)
Themed sightseeing tours of Novo mesto
Guided tours of Novo mesto: With the dwarf Rudi (for families), Taste Novo mesto (guided tour with tasting of local goodies), A tour with Julija Primic.
TIC Novo mesto, Glavni Trg 11, Novo mesto (T: +386 (0) 7 39 39 263, E:tic@novomesto.si)
E-bike rental, Novo mesto
Rental is possible at TIC Novo mesto, Glavni trg 11, Novo mesto (T: +386 (0) 7 39 39 263, E: tic@novomesto.si)
For guided tours and larger groups: RIDE ME - E: jan@rideme.me , T: +386 (0) 31 568 962)
E- bike rental with delivery to cottage
Electric bikes for shorter or longer rent. E: info@zidanice.si T: +386 40 808 568
Gorjanci and Trdinov vrh are popular hiking spots. The Trdin Trail, the PKV Trail, the European E7 Trail, the Golden horn Transversal of Pride and the Krka Mountain Trail lead through Gorjanci. Refresh yourself in one of the mountain lodges (Gospodična, Miklavž).
Hiking trails
Hikers love the gently varied and diverse landscape of Novo mesto area. Great terrain for Nordic walking. Discover the marked footpaths and cycling roads throughout the region.
Otočec Adventure Park
Activities are taking place on a specially adapted training ground, a true adventure trail built through the forest. Get ready for your special adventure in the nature.
Cascades on Krka river, Žužemberk
Scenic, 5 meters long cascades on Krka river, are located near the Žužemberk castle. In the vicinity there is also a natural swimming area.
Hill top Sv. Peter Dvor, Topla reber
Hike 888 meters above sea level. On the top there is a lookout tower and a mountain hut. The start of the route is at the inn Rojc in Lašče. The inn is famous for its excellent suckling pig and lamb.
Klevevž and Klevevška Toplica (the natural hot spring) with the Radulje gorge, Grič near Klevevž
The spring offers you the option to realx in an exceptional natural environment. Energize yourself in the hypothermal spring with a year-round temperature between 21-25 °C.
Zagraški log park - Herbal Center of SE Slovenia, Zagrad
Below the village of Zagrad, the village pastures were turned into a park of autochthonous plants. In 2019, the Herbal Center of SE Slovenia was established in Zagraški log.
Kostanjevica cave, Kostanjevica na Krki
Kostanjevica cave lies at the foot of Gorjanci. Take the 300 meters long path and discover the underground world. The trails are suitable for children and elderly visitors. A guided tour takes 40 minutes.
Travel agency Green adventure
Green adventure agency offers you three experiences: Green river - kayaking on the green Krka, Temenica and Kolpa; Into the wild – immerge yourself in the nature, learn about the plants and bird species, observe animals; spend an unforgettable day in the heart of the Kočevje forests, discover the rainforest and observe the king of forests - brown bear; Fly and fish paradise - all day fishing.
Kolpa river, Bela Krajina

European destination of excellence 2010. Kolpa is the warmest river in Slovenia and an excellent choice for hot summer days.
Krupa river spring, Semič
The most beautiful and largest spring in Bela krajina. The karst educational trail from Lebica to Krupa pass by the spring (2 hrs walking trail).
Divji potok, Črmošnjice – Semič
Divji potok - The wild stream runs through the forrest and has a picturesque stream full of small cascades and rapids. After about 3.5 km of torrential current, it flows into the Črmošnjičica, which flows towards Dolenjske Toplice.
Mountain hut Mirna Gora, Semič
Follow the road from Dolenjske Toplice to Črnomelj. Well-marked trail with many informative road boards will bring you to the top. On the top, there is a mountain hut and a lookout tower.
Regional park Lahinja, Veliki Nerajec, Dragatuš
The visitor’s info centre is located in a 200-year-old farmhouse and contains also a small ethnological exhibition. Suitable for small groups and families with children. Prior announcement required – (T: +386 (0) 40 842 717, E: gregor.smalcelj@ric-belakrajina.si).
Info center of Black human fish, Jelševnik, Črnomelj
Small, but very informative centre tells the story of the endemic black human fish. Prior announcement required. (T: +386(0) 31 632 636, E: info@crni-moceril.si)

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Suggestions and links to web pages

Escape room Novo mesto, Novo mesto
Solve the mystery and escape from the room. You have only 60 minutes!
Trška gora – Open vineyard cottages
The vineyard cottages of Trška Gora open the doors of their wine cellars! Visit them and taste excellent wines. The vineyard cottages are open every Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 to 19:00 (at least two are opened). Which of the 11 vineyard cottages is open will be announced on a sign board at the foot of Trška gora. Information on: T: +386 (40) 650 051
Matjaž homestead, Paha, Otočec
At the 150-year-old Matjaž homestead they will welcome you in traditional costumes and present you how the life in Dolenjska countryside looked in the past. Watch the short movie The story of cviček wine and enjoy the wine tasting with traditional snack. Time permitting visit also the old vineyard cottages from 1848 and assemble your own bottle of cviček wine.
Terme Krka spa – Terme Šmarješke and Dolenjske Toplice
They offer many options for relaxation: thermal springs, top wellness centre, swimming pools, saunas, massages…
Letališče Prečna - Aeroclub Novo mesto, Novo mesto
Fly with small motor plane over Dolenjska, admire the magnificent view of Novo mesto and Krka river, the fairytale Otočec with its castle, the hilly vineyard region,... You can even fly over Mt. Triglav, the highest mountain peak in Slovenia.
Apitherapy Stankovič, Novo mesto
Meet the beekeeper and visit the beehive. Enjoy the apitherapy and discover the healing power of the bee aerosol. They can offer you a special honey breakfast or un ultimate honey massage.
High plateau Smuk – paragliding, Semič
Smuk is a 547 m high plateau above Semič. On its top there is a paraglider and hang glider starting point /take-off point.
Adrenaline park - Camp Bela krajina - Podzemelj, Gradac
Podzemelj Park is suitable for adults and children (from the age of 4). Test your courage and experience the story of Bela krajina in a special way and try out unique and fun exercises.
Turistic Agency KNM Travel, Novo mesto
KNM Travel offer tailor made experiences in Slovenia. Discover South-eastern Slovenia on a private tour, take a themed tour of Novo mesto, enjoy a day trips around Slovenia or neighbouring Croatia and more. Do not miss the KNMexclusive programs - combination of high-end services and memorable experiences. Dolenjska exclusive.
Travel agency Bravina, Metlika
Bravina is a small herd of local enthusiasts who will introduce you to interesting people, unusual adventures, and the laid-back Bela krajina lifestyle. If you find hiking through forests, chasing sheep, and wetting your whistle good fun, you’re in the right place.
Project Open doors in Bela krajina
During the summer season Bela krajina opens the doors of the wine cellars, farms, homesteads, galleries, and museums. Prior announcement is not required.

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Suggestions and links to web pages

Old city centre of Novo mesto Main square, Franciscan church and monastery
Take a walk and discover the main square, old houses with arcades, town hall, Kette fountain, Franciscan church, monastery and library, Kandija bridge… For guided tours contact TIC new place
Dolenjski museum and Jakčev dom, Novo mesto
There are three exhibitions available in Jakčev dom: the permanent one, Božidar Jakac collection and art and pedagogy exhibition. There are four permanent and temporary exhibitions in the Dolenjski Museum. The most interesting is the archaeological with finds from the time of the flourishing Hallstatt period (glass strawberries, situla, ..)
St. Nicholas cathedral, Novo mesto
The Gothic Church of St. Nicholas is the most famous monument of the city and one of its central symbols, as it shapes the silhouette of Novo mesto. In the crypt there is a cast of the tombstone of the Provost of Novo mesto, the first bishop of Vienna and the founder of the Vienna Boy's Choir, Jurij Slatkonja.
Struga castle, Gumberk – Otočec
Struga castle presents a typical castle architecture of the 16th century. Due to its exposed location along the Krka River, it is one of the landmarks of Dolenjska region. Book a unique experience: The Prince of Struga will welcome you at the castle. A young man who loves culture, art, music, and dance will tell you the history of the castle and will present you his friends - naughty but friendly castle ghosts.
Prior announcement required (T:+386 (0)41 949 155, E: majkerinc59@gmail.com).

Museum of Lojze Slak and Tone Pavček - Mirna Pec
The exhibition presents written and pictorial materials, objects, music and films about the life and work of the peaceful compatriot Lojzet Slak. On a walk through his life from birth to death, we feel the influence of the Dolenj landscape, people and folk music on his musical creative opus. The special feature of the exhibition is the reconstruction of the stage. Lojzeta Slak's ensemble usually performed on stage, and visitors will have this opportunity at the exhibition. There is an accordion on stage, on which you can play your favorite Slak song. If you wish, you can record your performance with the music and video accompaniment of the Lojzeta Slak Ensemble. "Harmonika šov" offers musicians with a diatonic harmonica an experience that has never been seen before at exhibitions in Slovenia.
House of living cultural heritage, Bela Cerkev – Šmarješke Toplice
The house offers an insight into the life of local inhabitants through different aspects and historical periods. It also presents the rich cultural heritage of the municipality of Šmarješke Toplice. With prior notice you will be able to taste home baked bread and other delicacies from Dolenjska region. Participate to bread making workshop.
Land of Hayracks, Šentrupert
Open air museum with 19 hayracks represents the development of the hayracks trough centuries and demonstrates the extraordinary innovation and mastery of the carpenters.
Božidar Jakac gallery, Kostanjevica na Krki
The gallery, located in the renovated Cistercian monastery, is one of the largest in Slovenian in terms of space and number of works of art.
Šokec Homestead, Žuniči, Bela krajina
Šokec homestead is a cultural monument and unique example of architectural heritage in Bela krajina. In 2007, it became also an information centre.
Museum collection Črnomelj, Črnomelj
Permanent exhibition represents the history of the city and local people.
Primožič’s House – House of Bela krajina Craftsmen, Črnomelj
The house was declared a cultural monument of local importance and is used for occasional exhibitions and workshops of home craft and handicraft by the Bela krajina craftsmen. All the products from the home craft and handicraft are permanently on sale.
Museum of Bela krajina
Located in the Metlika castle it is a must visit place for everyone who wants to learn more about this region, its history and culture.
Slovenian Firefighters’ Museum, Metlika
In 1869, the first Slovenian fire protection unit was established. The museum is located in the old Metlika centre in two buildings in the direct vicinity of the Metlika castle. It showcases the heritage of firefighting from the beginnings until today.
Gallery Kambič, Metlika
Memorial collection of academicians prof. dr. Vinko Kambič and opera singer Vilma Bukovec Kambič. The collection of national importance consists of cultural and historical objects (paintings on glass, furniture, clocks, lamps, handicrafts) and works of art by various Slovenian artists.

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Suggestions and links to web pages

Gostišče na trgu, Hiša kulinarike in turizma, Glavni trg 30, Novo mesto
Bistro Marof, Kettejev drevored 2, Novo mesto
Gostilna Jakše, Drska 44, Novo mesto
Gostišče Loka, Župančičevo sprehajališče 2, Novo mesto
Gostilna Vovko, Ratež 48, Brusnice
Gostilna Mrak, Sela pri Ratežu 18, Brusnice
Restaurant Otočec castle, Grajska cesta 2, Otočec
Fink & Situla, Dilančeva 1, Novo mesto center
Fink House, Irča vas 13, Novo mesto
Gostilna Pugelj, Ždinja vas 6, Novo mesto
Herbelier butchery, Sokolski trg 2, Dolenjske Toplice
Oštarija Rudolfswerth, Kandijska cesta 35, Novo mesto 
Inn at the airport, Prečna 46, Novo mesto
Don Bobi Inn, Kandijska cesta 14, Novo mesto
Restaurant and pizzeria Šentpeter, Šentpeter 10A, Otočec
Homestead - Domačija Novak, Sadinja vas 7, Dvor

Dom Frata, Dolnji Ajdovec 20, Dvor
Guesthouse Koren, Dolga vas 5, Zuzemberk
Inn near the castle, Grajski trg 10, Zuzemberk
Guesthouse at Dedi, Smarjeta 70, Smarjeske Toplice
Rakar Inn, Gorenje Ponikve 8, Trebnje
Javornik Inn, Rakovnik 6, Šentrupert
Guesthouse Marinčič, Skocjan 37, Skocjan
Guesthouse Deteljica, Dobruska vas 36, Skocjan
Hotel Smuk, Štefanov trg 1, Semič
Gostilna Pezdirc, Metliška cesta 11, Semič
Eco tourist farm Mlinar, Rožni dol 7, Semič
Müller Inn, Ločka cesta 6, Črnomelj
Guesthouse Kapušin, Krasinec 55, Gradac
Hotel Bela krajina, Cesta bratstva in enotnosti 28, Metlika
Guesthouse Veselič - Bela krajina house, Podzemelj 17, Gradac

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Suggestions and links to web pages

Wine cellar Colnar, Črešnjice 124, Otočec
The Colnar family nourish a long winemaking tradition and the love for the beautiful hills of Dolenjska. They produce high quality wines with recognizable flavours, ideal for demanding clients whit fine taste.
Matjaž homestead, Paha, Otočec
Visit to the old homestead, wine tasting with snack. Prior announcement required. 
Wine fountain »Izvir cvička«, Smarjeta, Smarjeske Toplice
Open daily from 11:00 to 20:00. You can complement the tasting with homemade cold cuts and fresh baked bread.
Wine store Otilija, Novomeška cesta 12 A, Šentjernej
The wine store offers wines from four largest winemakers of the Šentjernej Valley. Wine tastings are accompanied with culinary delicacies. With prior announcement they can organise not only snacks but gourmet menus.
Wine cellar Nampel – Malnarič, Vavpča vas 40, Semič
On the tourist farm Malnarič – Nampel you will find a variety of wines and fruits products from Bela Krajina.
Sparkling wines Semič, Metliška cesta 12, Semič
In the Simonič family, viticulture is a tradition of several generations. In the late 1990s, Ivan Simonič decided to focus on sparkling wine production and became the first private sparkling wine producer in Bela Krajina. 
House of wine Pečarič, Curile 7, Metlika
Taste excellent white and red wines together with traditional bread from Bela Krajina. Tasting is organised also for 2 persons only. From July to September, they participate to the project Open doors of Bela Krajina.
Boutique wine cellar Šturm, Metlika castle, Trg svobode 4, Metlika
At the Šturm estate they offer a wide range of different wines - white, red and rosé, youthful and mature, dry and sweet, calm and sparkling. At Metlika Castle in the wine store, tastings are available every day (also only for 1 person).
Wine cellar Šuklje, Trnovec 24, Metlika
Wines from Terroir collection are elegant and complex, while the wines from the Classic collection are fruity and fresh. For visit and tastings: prior announcement required.
Wine cellar Prus, Krmačina 6, Metlika
Four generations of viticultural tradition in a family that is constantly looking for new procedures and techniques to even more improve their already excellent wines. Prior announcement required.
Wine cellar Metlika, Cesta bratstva in enotnosti 68, Metlika
Get to know Bela krajina and its people through a glass of wine. As you walk along the wooden barrels, you will learn the story of their wines. Participating to the project Open doors of Bela Krajina.
Wine tower Otočec, Otočec Castle, Grajska cesta 2, Otočec
Large selection of local and foreign wines.

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Suggestions and links to web pages

Novo mesto market, Florjanov trg 1, Novo mesto
Open air market is in the city centre. Mondays and Fridays morning is located between the main square and the cathedral (09:00-13:00), while on Saturdays is on the main square (09:00- 13:00).
Farm Pleško, Prapreška pot 11, Otočec
Try their seasonal products: fruits, juices, ..
Delicacies from Dolenjska, Gubčeva cesta 1A, Trebnje
Delicacies from Dolenjska are a tradename that connects excellent local producers.
»The house of goodies from Bela krajina«,, Mestni trg 7, Metlika
In one place you can find the best of Bela krajina products: wine, honey, oils, herbs, dairy products, …
Boutique marketplace, Glavni trg 30, Novo mesto
On the Boutique marketplace you can find products and crops from the School centre Grm Novo mesto: dairy products, fresh eggs, juices, wine, fruits and vegetables, … There is also fresh milk available every day.
(T: +836 (0) 59 076 159, E: hisa.kulinarike@gmail.com).

Photo source: www.slovenia.info - Authors: Miran Kambic, Jošt Gantar, Andrej Tarfila, Tomo Jeseničnik, Zvone Butala, ZTR Temeniška and Mirna valleys, Jaka Ceglar - Association of Historic Towns of Slovenia

For information write to:


You can make a RESERVATION via e-mail address or via online booking

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