Why are the cottages so special?

Tourism in vineyard cottages is a unique tourist product on a global scale. Slovenia is well known for having many small vineyards (300 - 600 vines) and most of them have also a vineyard cottage.

Vineyard cottages are smaller houses located in the proximity of the vineyards. In the lower part of the house, you will find a small cellar. In the upper part there is an apartment that offers all the comfort needed for a relaxed vacation: a bathroom, a bedroom, a living room with a dining room, kitchen with fridge and stove, etc….

The cottage usually has a terrace or balcony and an outside BBQ place. Majority of them have TVs and a WI-FI, more and more are with air-condition, sauna or a hot tub.

Enter our cellars!

Upon the arrival, we welcome you with some local goodies (homemade cold cuts and wine). We invite you to our cellar for a wine tasting (prior notice required). Upon agreement you can keep the key to our cellar and taste the delicious wine anytime during your stay. There is a small pot set up in the cottage, where you can leave your gratuities for the wine consummation.

Total relax

If you are searching for a complete relaxation check out the cottages that are offering saunas or hot tubs. Do not miss the authentic local offers and treat yourself with the Apitherapy or Honey massage,...

Perfect gourmet experience

Taste delicious local cuisine and excellent wines. Visit a local restaurant - that we call »gostilna« for a traditional meal, try more sophisticated restaurant with modern cuisine or visit a local wine producer. You will find numerous options in the area or you can contact us, and we will prepare you a tailor-made program for an ultimate gourmet experience.

Why choose a vineyard cottage?

Holidays in the vineyard cottage are ideal for those who want to escape from a stressful everyday routine and immerge into the tranquillity of green nature. They are also the right choice for curious and adventurous travellers who love to discover and experience new things, learn about cultural heritage or enjoy various activities (hiking, biking, water sports, etc,..).

Day trips

The location of the cottages offers you various option for day trips in in South- Eastern Slovenia, but it is also a perfect gateway for day trips all around Slovenia and neighbouring Croatia.


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