Zakaj smo tako posebni?

Vineyard cottage tourism is a unique tourist offer even on a global scale. Slovenia is characterized by a large number of small vineyards (300 - 600 vines). Each winegrower produces their own wine and usually not just one, but at least two to three different varieties. Most of the vineyards also have their own vineyard cottage.

Vineyard cottages are smaller buildings set in the close proximity of the vineyards, in a quiet natural setting with breathtaking views. There is wine basement in the lower part of the building and a complete apartment in the upper one. The latter is provided with all the equipment to meet your needs: a bathroom, a bedroom, a living room with a dining room, a refrigerator, a stove, etc.

Each vineyard cottage usually has a terrace or balcony and a grill where you can prepare your own food. Most cottages have radios, TVs and a WI-FI, and many are air-conditioned, have sauna, and a hot tub.

Every guest is welcomed with a food tasting including homemade dried meat products and bread, and is invited to a wine cellar. Upon arrival, you also get a cellar key so that you can enjoy your favourite wine whenever you want during your stay.

There is a "pig" set up in the cottage where you can pay what you deem appropriate for the house wine. On arrival, you get contacts for pubs and restaurants where they offer the best local cuisine. As our guest you will receive special discounts at these local providers.

Every guest receives tips and guidance for exploring the rich cultural and natural heritage of the destination, as well as for sightseeing in broader Slovenia and neighbouring countries.

Vineyard cottage tourism is recommended to those who want to escape from a stressful environment into the tranquility of untouched nature, but is also well suited to the explorers and adventurers who would like to discover and experience something new every day, learn about cultural heritage, or simply enjoy various activities (hiking, biking, water sports, etc.).

The added value of our offer is a very attractive and well-connected location, one of the few from which you can arrive in two European capitals - Ljubljana and Zagreb within an hour.

For 2021, the year when Slovenia was declared as the European gastronomic region, we prepared special culinary experience packages that include regional fine dining, discovering local restaurants and tourist farms, one at a night.

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