About our offer

Why are we so special?

Tourism in masonry is a unique tourist offer on a global scale. Slovenia is characterized by a large number of small vineyards (300-600 vines), and a large number of them also have their own vineyard.

Zidanice are small buildings placed in the middle of the wine hills. In the lower part there is a cellar, and in the upper part there is a living room, which offers comfort for a relaxed vacation: bathroom, bedroom, living room with dining room, kitchen area with refrigerator, stove...

The brick house usually also has a terrace and/or balcony and an outdoor grill. Most brick houses have television and wireless internet, and more and more also air conditioning, sauna and hot tub.

Take a look at our cellars

Upon arrival, we welcome you with homemade cold cuts and wine. By agreement, we will also take you to the cellar for a wine tasting. We can arrange for you to get a key to the cellar and thus pour yourself a glass during your stay. There is a "piggy bank" set up in the brick building, where you can pay for the poured wine on the fly.

For complete relaxation

More and more brick houses offer the possibility of relaxing in a sauna or hot tub. Check the offer and choose the masonry that suits you best. Check out the other local providers and treat yourself to apitherapy, honey massage,...

Gourmet indulgences

We can recommend the best local pubs, restaurants, winemakers and other providers of local delicacies. We also prepare culinary packages that include the best culinary and wine offerings of the region.

Why in masonry

We recommend staying in zidanicas to those who want to escape from a stressful environment to the peace of unspoilt nature, as well as explorers at heart who want to discover and experience something new every day, learn about cultural heritage or enjoy various activities (hiking, cycling, boating...) . Brick houses are suitable both for a romantic getaway for two or a playful family vacation.

Where to go on a trip

The excellent location makes it possible to explore the surrounding area. Check out the wide range of different activities, natural and cultural attractions. You can also go on a trip to Croatia, as it is very close.