Vineyard cottage Sončni grič

Address: Stara gora 42c, Mirna
Number of beds: 2
Extra beds: 2
Additional services

The cottage Sončni Grič (Sunny hill) is located in Trebnje vine hills, just a step away from the highway exit Trebnje East.
Cozy and comfortable cottage is located in the hills of Dolenjska and offers a modern and well-equipped kitchen. In the garden there is a fireplace and a BBQ place, where you can prepare food and enjoy your evenings with memorable sunsets. The charming interior of the cottage is a combination of wood, glass and stone.
The surrounding area offers some great hiking trails. You can take a walk to the Zoo Aladin and hill Debenec that gives some unique views on the nearby hills and valleys. The retreat at the cottage Sončni Grič embraced by vineyards, forest and warbling birds will connect you with nature and her healing powers.

Air conditioning
Otroška posteljica
Dodatno pomožno ležišče
Tourist tax (adults)
Tourist tax (children)
House pets
jacuzzi / jacuzzi (50.00 eur)
Weekend surcharge (already included in the final price when booking) / weekend rate (already included in the final price)
Bicycle rental (10.00 eur)
back massage (20.00 euros)
full body massage (30.00 euros)
sauna (20.00 eur)